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A lot has happened in the recent past with regards to our featherly little friends by Lake Ontario. I would like to thank you for your support and continue to ask you to invite friends and family to the petition (on the left side of this page) to be a voice for these beautiful creatures.

The Toronto Star did a great article, and a portion of it and the link to the full article is below. A few additional links are to a disturbing video of hunters killing Swans for fun.

Toronto Star Article: For mute swans, parenthood ends in a lake of tears by Catherine Porter

It's been an emotionally turbulent week for the swans and me.

We've been friends for a couple years now — since my first paddle down the Don River. (It's an annual spring fundraiser for the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority. Awesome.) What a sight: two pristine white, majestic birds skimming atop the sewage and plastic bags and diesel runoff. I gasped. If you need a symbol of nature's purity, here it is.

The swans moved downstream this year to an even less hospitable spot: under the Lake Shore railway bridge, metres before the Don spits out into the lake. Cars screech overhead on three roadways. Add the trains and a natural gas pipeline and it is as industrial as this city gets
Click here to read the full article

Stop the killing of Mute Swans in Toronto, Canada Update (2) 2012

Swan Hunt 1-22-2011 Part 1
The video above shows an event where Swans are being slaughtered.

Welcome to Mute Swan Truth

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Mute Swans (commonly known as the Queen's bird) are being killed off because they are non-native to North America. But, are they non-native? America 1585, drawing by John white show that they are native.

"Control of Mute Swans is currently taking place in many U S States, and proposals to de-list Mute Swans from protection in Ontario have been submitted". To learn more about what's going on, please click on links below:

Care2 petition website :

Global News segment:

Video Gallery

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